Roy and Maura Chapin

Estate Managers


He grew up fishing and hunting quail in Florida, and then traveling remote regions of Asia—where he launched a successful mobile gaming business that developed projects for the motion picture industry. The outdoorsman and traveler now makes his home at 4 Winds, managing the development of the 109-acre estate purchased by his mother in the 1990s. “Returning to California put my bearings where I needed to be, with family and friends.” He works closely with winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown to establish new vineyard blocks at 4 Winds for future estate-grown vintages. And since moving to Napa, Roy has earned an advanced degree in viticulture studies, enrolled in a goat “academy” in Oregon to learn more about raising livestock, and he’s overseen the creation of firebreaks and other fire prevention efforts at the estate. His deep-dive studies and holistic farming approaches are based on cultivating and caring for the estate’s natural assets and ecosystem.


Now raising 20 egg-laying hens at 4 Winds and helping with the management of the herd of grazing goats and four working dogs, Maura Clark is at home on the vineyard. But prior to moving here to join Roy Chapin she hadn’t visited Napa before—the couple first met during college classes in Santa Cruz in the 1990s and they reconnected in recent years. Joining the Chapin family at 4 Winds, Maura brings her entrepreneurial experience from work in small businesses, tech and real estate. She’s passionate about delicious foods and wine, and first learned of wine regions as a child when her family lived for a year in Bordeaux. In partnership with Roy, Maura is continuously learning about this special landscape, the vineyard and farming practices, and she’s joined him in enrolling in firefighting training. “We’re stewards of this land,” she says. “It’s our lifestyle.”