The Vineyard

Jack Straw. Tiercel. King Philip. These are the initial vineyard blocks planted in 2018 at 4 Winds in consultation with winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown to be the best match for this hilltop “jewel box of a site.” The rootstock is 110R—clones of 7, 35.1 and 169, respectively. The varietal, of course, is Cabernet Sauvignon.

As first-time vineyard operators, it’s been a fascinating ride to mull over the block names, which you’ll see on upcoming estate labels. Meanwhile, some backstory:

Jack Straw - Inspired by “Of Mice and Men,” John Steinbeck’s very-California novel of depression-era farm life—as well as the free-spiritedness of one of our favorite Grateful Dead songs.

Tiercel - The term for a male peregrine falcon, French-derived. Roy Chapin is studying to be a falconer, and he often sees these magnificent falcons flying overhead and nesting at 4Winds.

King Philip - Part of a complicated Chapin family legend from colonial-era Massachusetts—the gist is that none of us truly own history or land. But we do our best to seek understanding and stewardship.